Rules For Your Listings

Below is a set of rules that we use to determine whether or not your listing is acceptable to us.  The list is not exhaustive and subject to change without notice.

Listings NOT allowed:

  • Is illegal
  • Has profanity
  • Promotes hate (targets gender, race, political affiliation, religion or ethnicity of others or their businesses)
  • Contains pornography
  • Not relevant to web site’s objectives
  • Deemed intentionally disruptive to the web site or other advertisers
  • Directly demeaning to other advertisers or businesses
  • Contains false statements or claims

We will make determinations for all exclusions based on the above list and on other considerations that we find pertinent to allow us to make a just and fair decision.

Thank you,
Wells Maine Motels

Can't find your listing or your listing is not complete? Please visit our Listing Options Page to learn more.  Then visit our Listing Form to add your listing or enhance your current one.

Enhance A Listing

Enhance A ListingOn any of our Dining or "Things To Do" pages a listing may be enhanced.  Please visit our Listing Options page for more details.

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