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There are miles of white sandy beach found on the Southern Maine seacoast.  To the south of Wells, there is Ogunquit Beach and Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit, Maine, as well as, Moody Beach, Moody, Maine.  Wells has three beaches: (1) Crescent beach, a small stretch of beach off Webhannet Road; (2) Wells Beach, the largest of the area beaches, down the end of Mile Road; and (3) Drakes Island Beach, accessible from Drakes Island Road in Wells.  To the immediate north of Wells there are several beaches in Kennebunk.  There are several beaches also in Kennebunk and York, Maine.  Some of these beaches have been voted the best in the New England, as well as in the tope 25 nationwide.

To learn more about each of the beaches listed below, simply click on the text which labels each beach in the map below.

Kennebunk Beaches, Kennebunk, Maine
Drakes Island Beach, Wells, Maine
Wells Beach, Wells, Maine
Crescent Beach, Wells, Maine
Moody Beach, Moody, Maine
Footbridge Beach, Ogunquit, Maine
Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit, Maine
York Beaches, York, Maine


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S.O.S. Maine

S.O.S. Maine (Save Our Shores) is a grassroots, volunteer organization whose mission is to educate the public to maintain and preserve Maine's coastal heritage.S.O.S. Maine

Maine shores and coastal wetlands are home to many species of water fowl and other coastal wildlife.  The treasured sandy beaches provide vacation destinations and recreation that sustain Maine's tourism industry.

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