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In operation since 2002, Wells Maine Motels was created to offer visitors to the Southern Coast of Maine an additional resource to find accommodations, restaurants and things to do for our guests visiting the area each season. Our listings are for those businesses that would like advertising support in addition to the listing found on the local chamber of commerce web sites.  Moreover, we offer a substantial rate discount for members of the local chambers of commerce to list with us (up to 33% off standard rates), though our web site or our business is not directly associated with any of these chambers of commerce.  We offer this discount because we firmly believe in the concept and operation of local chambers of commerce and only want to foster their continued great support for their communities.  We  offer any business in the area to list with us at our standard rates if they would also like to place a listing with us or place a banner on our web site.  Our goal is the same (as a local chamber of commerce): to bring as many visitors to our wonderful beaches, to experience the special type of vacation that can only be found in southern Maine and to enjoy all the great seacoast restaurants, attractions and activities of this most beautiful area of our country.

Where ever you are from we feel that you are missing something very special if you have not visited us on the Southern Coast of Maine during the “season” from late April until the end of October.


Can't find your listing or your listing is not complete? Please visit our Listing Options Page to learn more.  Then visit our Listing Form to add your listing or enhance your current one.

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